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Miss Scotties Softball

Recreation Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to play?

  • Minors – $35
  • Majors – $60
  • Juniors – $65
  • Seniors -$75

2. When does the Recreation season start and end?

  • The Recreation season runs from the first week in April and ends after the first week in June.

3. How often are there games and practices?

  • Normally we have one weekday game or practice and one Saturday game or practice.

4. Where are the fields?

  • We play at the Luther Forest Athletic fields in Malta and at the Malta Community Park.

5. How many games will we play?

  • 9-12 games

6.  What equipment does my daughter need to play rec?

  • The only thing you must have for softball is a glove and a water bottle of your own.  However, most girls also have their own softball pants, bat, helmet (with a face mask), fielding mask, cleats and a softball bag to hold everything.  Some even get batting gloves, eye black and sunglasses.  Most girls wear yoga pants, sweatpants, or softball pants with a t-shirt or sweatshirt to practices.

7. Who do I contact with questions about the Recreation League?